"All hail the Great Journey"

The seat of power in the Covenant. This is the main nerve center for the interplanetary warfare of the covenant. It offers a modular system that makes aggressive colinization and rapid deployment of troops and armor effective.

This is the where the political and religious leaders of the Covenant or the Covenant issue orders to the various races and cultures that create the Covenant.




Shield Generator

One of the main advantages that the Covenant possesses over the UNSC is that they are able to field shield equipment on infantry, vehicles, space craft and structures. The Covenant Shield Generator occupies a building slot at the Citadel and provides a powerful shield over all of the Citadel’s structures, vastly increasing the defensive strength.

Covenant shield technology is repurposed Forerunner technology and requires vast amounts of power to use. Once the shield is drained, the buildings underneath the shield begin to take structural damage. Over time though, the shield will begin to regenerate back up to full strength. Expensive, and taking up a build slot, commanders who wish to use the Shield generator must choose between a strong defense, and other options.


You Store Things Here

The Covenant Warehouse utilizes gravity lifts to bring down supplies to Covenant bases. From here, workers move the supplies to the proper area for further use by the Covenant commander. The Warehouse can be upgraded to increase the rate of incoming supplies.


The Covenant Citadel comes with four available turret slots. These slots have room for light, medium and heavy turrets and can be further upgraded with specific anti-vehicle, anti-air, and anti–infantry turrents. The plasma mortar, fuel rod, and Needler upgrades can prove devastating against their opposing units. Approaching enemy units would be wise to take our Turrets quickly or risk their forces being decimated.

Turrets are expensive, and while they provide a very effective defense, they cannot hold out forever and will need military support in order to ensure victory. Turrets are very effective against Leader units and aircraft.

Armament: Plasma Turrets

Crew: Automated

Role: Anti-Armor, Anti-Infantry, Anti-Air



The Temple is the main cultural and scientific building of the Covenant. This is where Prophets go to meditate upon Forerunner artifacts and how to best erradicate humanity. The upgrades that the Covenant research here are very expensive, however they are also very effective and powerful.



The Scarab is the most frightening weapon in the Covenant arsenal. Repurposed heavy mining equipment, the Scarab’s mining laser can inflict massive damage across the battlefield. With anti-air turrets on top and a colossal laser, the Scarab is the most feared Covenant vehicle. It can climb over any terrain and although a slow, it is often the center of any battle it finds. Incredible expensive and slow to build, the Scarab is often seen late in battles and is often a deciding factor.

Something as big as the Scarab would be too expensive to conduct battlefield upgrade to, so there are no upgrades available.

Armament: Heavy Mining Laser, Anti Aircraft Plasma Cannons

Crew: A Lekgolo colony directs the Scarab from within.


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