The Covenant Barracks is home to the Well-trained and numerous infantry of the Covenant Forces. Grunts lead by Elites, Jackals and Hunters are trained here. The different races are housed separately according to their status in the caste system. Grunts, the lowest of the caste system performs many of the more demining tasks. The lone Jackals tend to only socialize amongst themselves, while the solitary hunter’s communicate with each other via their collective consciousness.

The powerful covenant upgrades are researched here as well, augmenting the covenant infantry with better energy weapons and armor.


The Kig-Yar, or Jackals, is an Avian species often seen with shields and longer range weapons. They make up the bulk of the Covenant ground forces (after the Grunts). The Jackals are often used in scouting or sniping roles, using their superior senses to their advantage.

Armament: Beam Rifle

Homeworld: Eayn



The Grunts, or Unggoy, are the foot soldiers of Covenant ground forces. Used in large numbers to overwhelm enemy positions, Grunts are weak as individuals but are a force to be reckoned with in groups. Almost always lead by a higher-caste Covenant infantry unit, such as a Brute or Elite, they can wield most Covenant weapons.

The methane tanks that they breath from sometimes explode with funny results.

Armament: Plasma Pistols, Needler


The Hunters, or Mgalekgolo, are massive colonies of small worm-like creatures known as Lekgolo. These colonies of many smaller creatures take the form of huge, heavily-armored bipedal infantry. Carrying a massive shield and a Fuel Rod Gun, Hunters occupy a strong anti-vehicle role. Always appearing in pairs, they are more than a match for most UNSC Vehicles.

Armament: Special Hunter Shield


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