The Summit is the roost for all the the Covenants powerful air force. The quick Banshee, the deadly Vampire and the versatile Engineers are all built here. The upgrades that make the Covenant Air Force even more fierce are available here.



The most frequently seen Covenant Aircraft is the Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft, or Banshee. Carrying one pilot, this versatile and nimble aircraft is used to scout and harass enemy forces. Carrying twin plasma cannons and a fuel rod cannon, the Banshee can deal serious damage to both ground and air forces. It also has been known to have a speed boost ability.

Armament: Twin-Plasma Cannons, Fuel Rod Cannon



The Engineer, known as the Huragok by the Covenant, is a race of gas-filled alien creatures created by the Forerunners to perform maintenance on Forerunner structures. The Engineers are the only way for the Covenant to repair their building and vehicles during combat and are very effective, especially once upgraded. They automatically search out damaged machinery to repair. They have no defenses or weapons and are easily killed, although they can repair each other, but not themselves.

They can be upgraded to the State of Grace which increases their repair rate and to give them Harmonious Digestion increases their movement speed. The Engineers have the ability of taking apart random technological objects without issue and being able to put them back together exactly how they found them. This is probably their way of studying and understanding new technologies.




The Vampire is the mainstay of Covenant anti-air aircraft. With a heavy Needler turret, the Vampire can quickly overwhelm enemy air forces with a large barrage. Very effective in groups, it can bring an opposing aircraft down in seconds. When upgraded, the Vampire can drain enemy aircraft of their energy and cause it to crash to the ground, although this causes the Vampire to take damage as well.

The Vampire’s upgrades can be a game-changing element in air battles. The Stasis drain can lock down enemy air units while the stasis bomb can freeze enemy ground units for Covenant forces to pick off.

Armament: Heavy Needler, Stasis Drain Cannon, Stasis Bomb

Crew: 1 or 2 man crew pods









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