UNSC Firebase

The UNSC firebase combines the needs of a tactical communication command center and expansion into both a barrack and a production facility capable of assembling combat vehicles. The firebase itself is a variant of the old colony starter units constructed out of polycrete and powered by a small hydrogen reactor. Because gaining a foothold quickly was key to fighting insurrection throughout the colonies, Spirit of Fire can directly deploy the entire assembly unit of a firebase making it immediately useful. That ability has also proven invaluable in the ongoing war with the Covenant and is often considered a key advantage of the UNSC on the ground. 










"The best offence..." (MBT)

Turret defenses are available for Command Centers only, while battlefield commanders will have to defend their Fire Bases with their military units. Turrets are assembled below ground and then elevated into one of four available slots. A virtually unlimited supply of ammunition flows to the turret from below the base, allowing it keep firing as long as it’s exposed tower and weapon remains intact.

The base turret mount supports the very versatile M202 XP Machine Gun. It can be upgraded to the vastly superior M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun that is found on most Warthogs, firing the 12.7x99mm rounds. They can also be upgraded with Anti-Air Missles, Anti-Personel Flame Mortors, and Rail Cannons

M202 XP Machine Gun
Bombard Rail Cannon








Field Armory

The UNSC's Field Armory is a cross beatwean a machine \ fabrication shop, and a research labratory. This is where the most advanced technology for the UNSC is created by dedicated engineers and scientists.

UNSC can increase it's population cap here, as well as improve the turrets, and boost the speed of its infantry. There are also special technology that can only be researched by individual leaders.









Power is everything. A UNSC firebase is powered by a small hydrogen reactor which allows it to operate some pretty sophisticated systems. In order to set up a base quickly, it has to be small, but these power plants are modular. As you expand your base of operations and field more complicated weapon systems you are going to need more power. Base sockets can facilitate the addition of larger hydrogen reactor units which provide the juice to allow you to field more and more sophisticated weaponry. These additional reactors built into your base sockets are even modular and can be upgraded, but at great expense, to double their output.

Protect your base reactors. They are prime targets for enemy raids. When they are destroyed, you will no longer be able to field your heavy hitting Scorpions or Vultures.









Supply Pad

The UNSC Supply Pad allows a base to recieve shipments from orbiting ships. The supplies are dropped shipped onto the pads where they are gathered by robot cranes and brought into the base. These crates contain the resources needed to build units, reasearch upgrades. Supply Pads are the economy behind the war machine of the UNSC, and can be upgraded to produce more resources faster.








Warthog - M12 LRV

Even the most minimal of firebases is able to produce the Warthog, and for good reason.  These versatile vehicles are incredibly valuable for reconnaissance and can be refitted to fill a number of supporting roles for UNSC forces.  The most basic of these variants doesn’t have the standard M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun equipped, sacrificing this firepower for speed, vital for recon patrols.  Fire Bases have the ability to not only add the M41, but also the M68 Gauss Cannon to seriously boost the firepower of this unit against armored vehicles.










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