Halo Wars Web Services Retirement

02-07-2018, 2:00 PM

Please read an important update about the Halo Wars web services, posted in the HaloWaypoint.com forums.

Halo Wars 2 Announced

08-04-2015, 8:30 AM

Watch the teaser trailer HERE.

Halo Wars Title Update 4 to be released 12/18

12-17-2009, 2:13 PM by Aloysius

The 4th update for Halo Wars will be released on the morning of December 18th on Xbox LIVE. Players will be able to automatically download the update when they start their Xbox after the Title Update has been released. This Update includes balance changes and fixes for bugs and exploits.

Some of the changes include:

Grunts now do more damage to air units
The Scarab now has 25% more health and does 25% more damage
Gremlins now requires 2 reactors to be built
The Arbiter now takes 25% more damage while raging
Hunters now focus their Assault Beam much faster
Brute Chopper is more effective vs. air

Bug Fixes:
The Cryo/Reactor Glitch has been fixed
The Multiplayer Lobby should now work better for people with misaligned controllers
Y-Abilities should no longer have their cooldowns reset erroneously
Profiles that had problems accruing points in Multiplayer should now be able to gain points properly

Halo Wars No. 12 on IGN All-Time Top 25 Xbox 360 Games

11-19-2009, 10:09 AM by Aloysius

IGN has been rating the several hundred Xbox 360 Games released since the Xbox 360 launched 4 years ago this week. They just so happen to think that Halo Wars is worthy of the twelfth spot on that list.

"The spirit of Halo was successfully captured and the multiplayer game is a blast. Halo Wars quickly became one of my favorite online games and then grew into a several-months-long addiction. Late night intense strategy sessions followed by bleary-eyed mornings were my entire life."
Check out the whole list over at IGN, or hop right to the Halo Wars entry.

Frozen Valley Map Info Posted

10-15-2009, 2:04 AM by Aloysius

The last and final Halo Wars Map has been posted to the Skirmish Maps Info Page. Frozen Valley, the big snowy 3v3 Map is revealed in all of its glory.

"Frozen Valley was the first 3v3 map designed during the development of Halo Wars. After Chasms, this was probably our most played map through internal playtesting. The layout went through one major tweak throughout development and that was the opening down between the teams that runs along the bottom edge on picture shown here. The first iteration had the hole as well as the mount near that bottom edge of the map extend all the way to the edge. Leaving a pocket only access through the middle by land units. It allowed the two bottom player on each team to build up safely. "
Check it out!.

Crevice Skirmish Map Information Unveiled

09-25-2009, 2:17 PM by Aloysius

Paul Jaquays finishes up his roundup of Halo Wars Skirmish Maps he worked on with Crevice today, this map had quite a few different ideas thrown around for it, and looks quite different form the original conception.

During development, Crevice shifted from the inside of the Shield World to the outside. To achieve this, I painted over a screen capture of the current version of the map, sketching out ideas for details on notebook paper. The design rework of the map had turned the central platform into a big hole. I suggested changing this into a playable area, a partially buried circular Forerunner platform. One feature I wanted to play up was the "bouncy-ness" of the warthogs, so where possible, I sculpted in small steps and shelves into the terrain.

Check out the Crevice Skirmish Map Page!

Repository Skirmish Map Info Revealed

09-22-2009, 4:23 PM by Aloysius

Paul Jaquays continues his rampage across the Halo Wars skirmish maps to talk about Repository this time. He also includes 4 never before seen development and concept pieces.

Early 2007 saw the first completed version of Repository (then called "the Halo map"). Primarily developed by Ensemble artist Patrick Thomas, this was a land of subtle terrain blending, muted colors, narrow paths, rough terrain, and the unrestricted placement of bases and other buildings. Players captured Forerunner power stations to earn resources. Very little of what can be seen in this map survived into the final game. The effects guys put a lot of effort into river that runs through the map, including the appearance of moving water, waterfalls, and spray. But the game was about to undergo an extensive refit, resulting in play much closer to the final version and the need to totally rework this map from the ground up. The river, sadly, became an early victim to those changes.

Check it out along with the rest of the skirmish maps on the Skirmish Maps Page.