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    l Slayer l:

    As im leaving to go play StarCraft 2 on the 15th, I thought I'd leave everyone with a compliation of me bending you over. I would have about 30-50 more links, but alot didnt show up, and some I didnt save.

    JJ (JumpingJet):

    12 hours to go. is going into read only mode. is becoming active and welcoming members from

    On behalf of LaZyFrOg i would like to extend this invitation to you, you don't have to join but it would be most awesome if you could.If you do not join the invitation is always there in the future if you wish to come back to us.

    I understand that some of you will be "done" with halowars after tonight and moving onto Star Craft 2 and are going to be leaving the community behind. To this i ask why? is to not only your new home for Halo Wars but it is also in the process of becoming your new home for all things Video Games.
    With a General Discussion forum, Halo Wars forum and just a place for all your off topic chat, strives to be your new permanent virtual home. 

    With new opportunity at every corner (or every thread) the possibility's gained from becoming a Lazyfrog member are endless. New to Halo Wars? Or maybe just been in the shadow of the better players? Now is your opportunity to take a pace back to the starting line with everyone else and create a new reputation for yourself, and get that respect you deserve. With possible promotions to gain moderation rights and even administration rights, is the place for you.   

    With new sections and changes being added each day to the website due to suggestions by fellow members is improving rapidly by the day and is still open to suggestions by you guys.

    After all, there are no Waypoint, no 8 year old Halo: Reach fags, no strict rules but (near enough) utter freedom.

    Lazyfrog,us was created for the True Halo Wars Fans by Halo Wars Fans.

    Its time to take your place among Halo Wars Legends.

   - For all things Halo Wars

    December the 15'th, go here! ^^

    JumpingJet: Administrator, Co-Founder
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