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ŠÞàrŧâŋ»Ѳ56 Trained on:Earth Project:S-II CPO:Mendez Team:Delta Team Current location: Earth/Portal Operation: Finish The Fight Spartan-056 hit 1000 posts on 8/9/08 Spartan-056 hit 2000 posts on 6/28/09 ŠÞàrŧâŋ»Ѳ56 ßeta†Ѳ56 takakakakaka EMEROLDtriangle Zommb1ez Earth, UNSC Marathon Cruiser "Forgotten Shadows" .:Ẕeяo Σπαρτιάτης-εϛ Πέρα από το κενό. Delusions of grandeur. To act like gentlemen...that is what puts us above those. To be truly better is to be better. They can act like savages, but we can act like gentlemen. Hi, I'm new to this site and I hope we can talk about Halo Wars.

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